8 Ways To Build Pride From Inside

8 Ways To Build Pride From Inside

Is it good being you?

How would your life improve if your default mindset was, in fact…. “it’s good being ME”?
How much of the toxic (sticky) stress in your life would disappear if you had a genuine “pride from inside”? I’m not talking about any bullshit, false, pump up your own tyres, pride. I’m talking about a genuine happiness and gratitude about the type of person you are and how you make the world around you a better place.

Pride from contribution is one of the three foundations of STRESS TEFLON and in this article we are going to explore 8 (there are many more) ways to increase the “pride from inside” chemical (serotonin) in your brain and help you genuinely believe that “it’s good being you”.

  1. DO SOMETHING!! Sounds simple enough, but pride comes from actions and unless you do something any pride is you have is just blowing sunshine up your own arse. Pride comes from achieving something, overcoming an obstacle, facing a fear and contributing to your tribe. It could be calling your mum to say “I love you” or it could be curing cancer. Either way, DO SOMETHING positive.
  2. Acknowledge you own achievements. In a busy world of constant multitasking and “what’s next”, it’s really easy to finish something and move onto the next task. A few seconds to stop and acknowledge that you have completed something will give you a little shot of pride and encourage you to get the next thing done. Stop and read the last few lines of the report or look over the freshly mown lawn, nod to yourself, smile and give yourself a tiny pat on the back. This helps reinforce the pride from inside from getting shit done.
  3. Help someone. Serotonin is a communal hormone that brings tribes together. By helping people in your tribe, you not only improve their lives but also your own. Help the elderly lady with her shopping, randomly wash your wife’s car or help a coworker with a difficult customer. Helping people builds bonds and if you CARE AND SHOW YOU CARE, we all feel happier.
  4. Acknowledge other people’s achievements. Looking for and acknowledging other people’s good deeds is a great way for both of you to feel good shot of serotonin. Business leaders, teachers and parents will always look to catch people doing something well. This gives opportunities for genuine praise that increases both party’s pride from inside.
  5. Body Language. The link between your body and brain is a two way street. Your posture and body language effects the way your brain thinks. Standing tall, smiling and looking people in the eye all tell your Old Brain that you are not in danger and you can handle the situation. (more on body language later)
  6. Forgive yourself. Even when you haven’t been the best version of yourself and done something that you aren’t proud of, there is no benefit in stressfully ruminating and beating yourself up about it. Make a note of what you will do next time and learn from the experience. Cut yourself some slack.
  7. Connect to gratitude. Pride from inside not only comes from doing good things, it also comes from connecting with gratitude. Gratitude has a wonderful way of making us happy with our place in the world. Gratitude and attitude go hand in hand and both help with pride from inside.
  8. Be the better version of yourself. Life is full of choices. When there is a decision about which path to take, always go with “what would the better version of myself do?” I have even go so far as to give my better version a name…. “Carlos”. When choices need to be made, I ask myself “What would Carlos do?”. Carlos will always tell me what’s right and what decision aligns with my inner values.

One final thought

Is the world a better place because you are in it?
If the answer is NO, think again….
If the answer is still no,
do something positive and contribute.

Pride from contribution is one of the three foundations of STRESS TEFLON and it is a key factor in warding off conditions like anxiety and depression. The 8 ways listed above is by no means complete.
Please add how you get your pride from inside in the comments below.


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