Why Meditation Doesn’t Work

Why meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga don't work to decrease stress. I can hear the top-knotted hippies choking on their kale and quinoa salad. “Of course meditation, breathing and yoga reduce stress!” they would be saying. “How else would I get through my day at the vegan restaurant without my daily 4-hour long cross-legged, mediation…

Don’t give up on me, I’m just in a rut

You can find inspiration anywhere! Yesterday I was listening to the new Killers album and heard their song “Rut” and really feel like I got an insight into the mindset of someone with depression. Don't give up on me 'Cause I'm just in a rut I'm climbing but the walls keep stacking up Can't keep…

Hey perfectionist! Your perfection is causing you toxic stress!

“So, who are the perfectionists in the room?” I asked this question to a group of data analysts and accountants at a Stress Teflon workshop we did with a multinational dairy company recently. Two-thirds of the hands shot up towards the sky. In the world of data analytics, attention to detail is a great attribute…

Hello, My name’s Luke and I’m an addict

I don’t have a drug habit. I like a beer or two, but I’m not an alcoholic. I have the occasional punt, but I don’t have an issue with gambling. Pepsi-Max, surfing, chocolate, golf and football all feed my addiction. I’m addicted to the promise of something good happening and the chemical that controls that…

Six reasons why stress is good for you.

Stress has a pretty bad wrap sheet. Stress gets the blame for everything from heart attacks and diabetes to strokes and addiction…anything goes wrong, we blame stress. Stress gets everyone uncomfortable and scared, and we are increasingly looking for ways to decrease our stress levels. We use medication, alcohol, drugs and comfort food to try…

13 reasons why… we can all learn from 13 reasons why

As a father of a 15 year-old girl, watching 13 reasons why was an uncomfortable, stressful experience. The Netflix original show bravely uncovered topics that are difficult to discuss: sex, bullying, underage drinking, drugs and rape to name a few. It was hard to watch in parts, but I think it is a show that…

Denial: Not just de river in Egypt

“I don’t know anyone who can get through the day without two or three juicy rationalisations. They’re more important than sex.” “Ah, come on, nothing’s more important than sex!” “Ever gone a week without a rationalisation?” - The Big Chill I love this scene from “The Big Chill”. Jeff Goldblum’s character is an arsehole. He…

Losing it? Why your reactions are creating toxic stress

It’s a big day, the global bosses have flown in, and it’s your chance to impress. Your A/V presentation is flawless, your lucky shirt looks immaculate, and you are 100% ready to shine. You are ready to go. As you lean in to kiss your husband goodbye, he clumsily knocks the coffee cup over, and…


Procrastination Most of us are very intimate with how procrastination works. We’ve all put things off until a deadline draws close and panic sets in before we finally get them done. Whether studying for an exam, taking the rubbish out, or filing the report for your boss, we all know the dynamics of procrastination. We…




It’s great being you when stress doesn’t stick

Do you struggle with stress? Let’s be honest, that’s most of us. Maybe you’ve even read articles on how to relieve your stress. But in STRESS TEFLON, Luke Mathers and Mick Zeljko explain that eliminating your stress is not the answer. Instead, you can utilise stress to get more out of life, becoming a better version of yourself.


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Why we do what we do and how to change.

Ever thought, “why the hell do I do that”?
We all have habits that no longer help and that we’d like to change. This book looks at habits through the lens of curiosity, not scarcity. Take the stress of of change by getting CURIOUS