You can find inspiration anywhere! Yesterday I was listening to the new Killers album and heard their song “Rut” and really feel like I got an insight into the mindset of someone with depression.

Don’t give up on me

‘Cause I’m just in a rut

I’m climbing but the walls keep stacking up

Can’t keep my mind off of every little wrong

I see the mouths are open but I can’t hear the song

I’ve done my best to fill ’em

But the cracks are starting to spread

Hey, I won’t blame you baby

Go on, turn your head

Having the security of a tribe is essential to becoming Stress Teflon. The song is really sad but there is a genuine optimism even though “the walls keep stacking up”. The fact that they are pleading to the people they love to “not give up on me” shows that we know it’s important to have people you love in your life. Struggling with depression and anxiety, the natural tendency is to move away from people….single worst idea ever! Just like the song says,

“Don’t give up on me, I’m just in a rut”.

1 in 4 Australians will experience mental illness and the thing they need most is their tribe. If someone you know is struggling, rally around. They may not be the best version of themselves right now, but their chances of recovery will increase if they know their loved ones are there for them.

I’ve done my best defending

But the punches are starting to land

I’m sliding into something

You won’t understand

A common thing a lot of people with depression say is “you wouldn’t understand”. How many friends have you got? 1 in 4 will have some idea. Be open with the people you love. Let them in and ask for help.

Look at the three foundations of Stress Teflon:


These three things are an ounce of prevention against depression. The safety of a tribe, pride from contributing to the world and being honest with how you are feeling. By maintaining these three things, you are more likely to to keep climbing even though the walls keep stacking up.

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