Stress Teflon is not just for those people whose lives are marred by toxic stress, but also for people like me who tend to languish in the chilled/apathetic end of the stress curve, and who frankly don’t get much shit done. After reading the book (twice) and reflecting, I realise I’m probably frightened of stress.

Not only does Stress Teflon show that stress is nothing to fear, but it also explains the chemistry of stress, and it does so in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. Armed with that knowledge I can harness stress in a positive way and get the wheels of that “Big Hairy Audacious Dream” in motion.

Wayne, optometrist, Canberra

Great read. Certainly helped me to understand how & why I react to certain situations. Now feeling very positive about becoming a better version of myself, using these tools. Everyone needs to be stress teflon.

Jocelyn, business owner & Mum, Gold Coast

I literally carried this book around with me in my handbag to refer back to and help myself move past challenges that would normally weigh down heavily on my ability move forward.

This book has fired up a very important conversation with myself, “How much easier would my life be if I just believed in myself? You got this!”.

There is nothing like being in your own corner, able to calm yourself down and build yourself up. This book has helped me get there through understanding how my mind works, the processes and how to work with my brain for my benefit. It will continue to be a book that I refer back to and grow my ability to be stress teflon! As a mother of two boys under 5, a business owner and a partner- this book is gold to me. Interesting, entertaining and many ‘penny drop’ moments- I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their stress management.

Amanda, business owner & Mum, 2 kids under 5

Stress Teflon came into my life when stress was starting to inhibit me from my personal goals. Today, l can look stress straight in the eyes and know l’m equipped to tackle all situations l deal with.

I now know when l feel stress, it tells me l care about the moment, and l use it as personal motivation to analyse the situation and become teflon coated to stress.

Since reading Stress Teflon, i’ve become a much more selfless person with the tools presented to me from the book. I now feel i’ve become a better parent to help guide my children through the riggers of their young years.

Steve, sales executive, father of two

We recently held a Stress Teflon session with our optical sales team in Queensland, presented by Luke Mathers. When the call first went out for the team to come into the office for an hour or two for the presentation, there was a general lack of engagement and a number of requests from team members to skip the session. We held firm and are so glad we did. Every team member enjoyed the session enormously and most importantly, got a lot out of it. I have had subsequent discussions with each of them and it is apparent Luke’s straight forward everyday man speak has resonated with

with them and give them tools they can take into their day to day lives.

I found the explanation of the science behind the relationship between the old brain and new brain which leads to so much unnecessary stress particularly helpful personally and it now gives me cause to pause when I’m on the verge of losing my cool. Subsequent to the session I have read Stress Teflon and enjoyed it immensely.

A great session and a great investment in our staff.

Jimmy, Sales Manager, Oakley South Pacific

Luke’s presentation was fun, energetic and interactive, but most of all, the Stress Teflon workshops have given everyone at Body Science a new way of looking at their reactions to stress. The entire company is now better equipped to handle difficult problems and we even have a new language for talking about stressful situations. Because culture and morale are so critical, we got Luke back to have a second session and the workplace is a much happier place to be for the experience. Stress in business isn’t going away anytime soon, so teaching your team to deal with it is a great investment.

Greg, Founder, Body Science

Luke joined our recent team engagement day and he was outstanding. He was an authentic presenter, making everyone feel very comfortable to participate in discussions. He has a style that is refreshing in a sometimes serious corporate world. I would recommend Luke for your next team meeting because stress is something that we all need to learn to harness.

Jenni, Customer Marketing Director, Parmalat Australia