This 1 simple action can end toxic stress

This 1 simple action can end toxic stress

If I could give you a pill that increased your focus, made you physically and mentally stronger, improved effectiveness at work and boosted creativity, would you take it?

What if this same miracle drug promoted better relationships, improved bonds with loved ones and made you more optimistic, would you take it then?

What if the only side effect of this miracle drug was that you had to let go of some long held misguided beliefs.

You’d have to want the drug, right? Of course you would!

Sorry, unfortunately, no miracle drug that does all of these things, so while we are waiting on big Pharmacy to make one, I have another option for you.

Get better at Stress!!

Stress is evolutionary. Your fight or flight response to stress gave our ancestors the strength, focus and energy to survive in a dangerous world long before farms, cars and iPhones. Stress fires us up. It gets shit done and without stress, life would be really dull, depressing and we’d be bored shitless. Stress drives people to challenge new frontiers, it is where our pride comes from and without stress there would be no achievement. Stress Rocks!

So, if stress is so good, why has it got such a bad wrap?

Well, stress itself isn’t a bad thing. How we think about stress and how long it hangs around are the problems. Most of us are told that stressful things should be avoided and are bad for your health. We’re concerned that too much stress will cause a heart attack, stroke and premature death. It’s a common belief that stress can clog your arteries, make you fat and lead to depression and anxiety. Sadly, there is a large element of truth to many of these views about stress. These bad stress outcomes are only true if you see stress as a threat. When stress feels like a threat, bad things can happen.

But, here’s the thing….none of this is true if you view STRESS AS A CHALLENGE. When stress is a challenge, there are little or no health problems associated with it. In fact, research has shown that people with a challenge view of stress live longer, healthier more productive lives. They have better relationships, do better in school and have more rewarding careers.

When stress is a challenge, your body fires up it’s social reward systems and the troubles associated with stress become the foundations of pride and self-worth.

So, which fork do you take in the stress road? Is it a threat? Do knots in the stomach and a racing heartbeat make you want to run for the hills. Do you actively try to avoid stressful situations and get away from stress at all costs?

Or, do you look for challenges? Do you find things that will test you, take you out of your comfort zone, fire you up to learn new skills and become the better version of yourself?

This one adjustment, viewing stress as a challenge not a threat, is all it takes to combat many of the negative effects of stress and get you on the road to becoming Stress Teflon.

Stress Teflon is a “Stress Utilisation System”. It’s about reprogramming how we look at stress and to transforming it from the big hairy, ulcer-causing, killer and into a tool that we use to improve our lives, our relationships and create happiness.

To become Stress Teflon we first need to understand where stress comes from and how to use it to your advantage. Understanding human evolution and our primal makeup can give us an insight into why we do what we do and how to do it better.

Stress Teflon is not a stress management philosophy; it’s a way of using stress as a short term power booster. By making stress non-stick, you can identify your priorities and help you move in a direction to start living your dreams.

It’s great being you, when stress doesn’t stick. Join the Stress Teflon Tribe and get others to join with you.


It’s great being you when stress doesn’t stick

Do you struggle with stress? Let’s be honest, that’s most of us. Maybe you’ve even read articles on how to relieve your stress. But in STRESS TEFLON, Luke Mathers and Mick Zeljko explain that eliminating your stress is not the answer. Instead, you can utilise stress to get more out of life, becoming a better version of yourself.


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