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Luke will show your audience the power of embracing life’s challenges.


Stressed and overwhelmed? Time to get curious.

Luke has helped thousands of people embrace their tribe, contribute with passion, and improve self-awareness. He gives people the hope, strategies and motivation to decrease overwhelm, stop burnout and change the areas of their life that need to change.

Transforming an industry is stressful. As one of the original directors of Specsavers Australia, Luke learned first-hand that embracing the stress of disruption is the key to success. By resetting how you look at stress and embracing challenges, Luke takes you and your team from frazzled and overwhelmed to focussed and aligned.

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Stressed and overwhelmed? Time to get curious.

Leaders who are serious about performance need to innovate. The first step to upgrading your team’s habits is to get curious.

We are all a bundle of habits; some help and some don’t. Using the research from his new book Curious Habits, Luke will give you the tools to upgrade your habits, find more energy and avoid overwhelm.

Procrastination, perfectionism, micromanaging, rumination and using chocolate as a stress reliever are all curious habits. Luke will show you a stress-free way to design your life to ensure performance at work and energy for the things you enjoy.

Uncovering your Curious Habits will stop you from leaking energy on the things you can’t control, and create the motivation to change the things you can. Work/life balance is about having energy for all the important parts of your life.

The Topics

We can build a keynote for your specific needs, but these are what many clients are finding the most beneficial for altering mindsets around stress and change.

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Why we do what we do and how to change.

Ever thought, “why the hell do I do that”?
We all have habits that no longer help and that we’d like to change. This book looks at habits through the lens of curiosity, not scarcity. Take the stress of of change by getting CURIOUS