Do you struggle with stress? Let’s be honest, that’s most of us. Maybe you’ve even read articles on how to relieve your stress. But in STRESS TEFLON, Luke Mathers and Mick Zeljko explain that eliminating your stress is not the answer. Instead, you can utilise stress to get more out of life, becoming a better version of yourself.

STRESS TEFLON will help you see stress in a whole new way. You will learn:

  • the evolutionary origins of stress
  • how to achieve eudemonia, the Greek concept of “objective flourishing”
  • the difference between your Old and New Brains
  • the science behind stress and behaviour
  • how to turn stress on its head for your advantage
  • the three foundations to becoming STRESS TEFLON

Luke and Mick’s compelling explanation of stress and its benefits will help you understand how we tick and use that understanding to improve your productivity, your relationships, and your outlook on life’s challenges. By developing self-awareness and contributing to your tribe, you can obtain the pride and confidence necessary to achieve almost anything. If you had the belief that you could handle any situation, what would you have to be stressed about?


Why we do what we do and how to change.

Ever thought, “why the hell do I do that”?
We all have habits that no longer help and that we’d like to change. This book looks at habits through the lens of curiosity, not scarcity. Take the stress of of change by getting CURIOUS