Is your business partner lucky to have you?

The start of a business partnership is a bit like the beginning of a romantic one. You may not have bought each other flowers, but both partners start off starry-eyed and enthusiastic about the possibilities that lay before them. The honeymoon period of a business venture is all adrenaline and excitement. It’s only later on,…

The bravest CEO move ever?

Imagine, you have just been appointed the CEO of a national company. You have the qualifications and business experience to do the job, but you have NO experience in this particular industry. It’s our very first conference in the new company, and you stand up and deliver a beautifully rehearsed speech and eloquently highlight your…

6 Ways to Ride the Bumps of Middle Management

Marie is under the pump! Her quarterly report is due on Friday, two of her departments are critically understaffed, and she has to run an induction for the new line manager who starts tomorrow. She has a lot of balls in the air and life for Marie is pretty stressful. Marie is in middle management, and how…

5 Tips to Avoid Stress in the Workplace

When you look at the big things that cause stress in our lives, they usually come down to these FOUR factors: Relationships Work Money Health When we look at work-related stress, it combines ALL of the them... Toxic stress at work will flow into our relationships, both inside and out of work. Work stresstors and…

Don’t let stress steal your business

If your business had an issue that was costing $1200-$2000 per employee per year, you’d have to do something about it right? If you look around and count 50 employees, your business could be losing over $60-$100 thousand dollars a year. So what is this issue that is draining money out of your bottom line?…

6 Signs That Your Team Are Yes Men (Or Woman)

As the new campaign was just about to launch, James, the lead on the project looked around the room and asked if anyone had anything to add or change. The room was silent and there was a lot of people looking down at notes and phones but no-one had anything else to contribute. “So everyone…




It’s great being you when stress doesn’t stick

Do you struggle with stress? Let’s be honest, that’s most of us. Maybe you’ve even read articles on how to relieve your stress. But in STRESS TEFLON, Luke Mathers and Mick Zeljko explain that eliminating your stress is not the answer. Instead, you can utilise stress to get more out of life, becoming a better version of yourself.


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Why we do what we do and how to change.

Ever thought, “why the hell do I do that”?
We all have habits that no longer help and that we’d like to change. This book looks at habits through the lens of curiosity, not scarcity. Take the stress of of change by getting CURIOUS